Basic knowledge of Maca

Basic knowledge of Maca

Basic knowledge of Maca

Basic knowledge of Maca

Maca grows naturally in the highlands of the Andes, 4,000-5,000 meters above sea level. Maca is the same cruciferous plant as turnips, radishes and broccoli. There are various colors, cream, purple, pink, yellow and colorful, but generally dark ones are said to have excellent ingredients.

In the highlands of the Andes, it is a very harsh environment where strong direct sunlight shines during the day, the annual temperature is below 7 ° C, the temperature drops to below 10 ° C at night, and the wind is strong and dry.

Maca grows under such severe weather conditions. Because it is a plant that can withstand such a natural environment, its nutritional value is unique .

Once a maca is cultivated, the land becomes barren for several years. So it absorbs all the nutrients of the earth.

In also known as ” Queen of the Andes herbal maca, which is also referred to as a” is taken over the tradition manner among the people living in the Andes, they have supported their health. It is said that it was a privileged class food during the Inca Empire era because it was so rare.

In addition, it is said to be “natural Viagra” because it has the effects of nourishing and energizing. It is said that essential amino acids, minerals, and calcium contained in maca have a synergistic effect and normalize hormone balance.

The steroids contained in maca are very similar to human hormones, and are said to have a role in regulating hormone balance. It is now attracting attention that it has effects from improving menopause and menstrual irregularities in women to promoting sperm increase in men .

In Peru, maca is used in stewed dishes, soups, and sweets.

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